Customized Private Network Design

Secured voice and video access communication in locations of limited access is of vital importance amongst the private, government and industrial sectors. FXLYNX Technologies Ltd offers significant intellectual property for proprietary wireless access in GSM and LTE/4G technologies. Our team of software development experts can be available to extend and augment the design force of system integrators that require short time to market. Alternatively, our software engineering capability can be used to customize special solutions for clients on a worldwide basis.

Search and Rescue

Local disasters can be devastating to communities, and when a situation does occur, emergency response personnel must act as quickly and effectively as possible. Customizing software solutions for robust connectivity to handheld communication devices in highly populated hubs such as airports, subways, train stations, shopping centers and several other civil areas allow first responders to search and handle rescue operations more effectively.

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FXLynx Technologies provides a comprehensive set of intellectual property and 3GPP communication protocol stack for GSM, W-CDMA and LTE markets. Our expertise is suited for quick implementation of proprietary requirements through professional design services or to offer standards based mobile connectivity solutions